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Plenary Council & Sub Councils

Plenary Council

Plenary Council is composed of all members of the NEAC.

Sub Councils

Sub Councils are composed of the NEAC members who are nominated by the Chair.
* Experts Meeting is participated by relevant experts to facilitate the Sub Councils.

Sub Council on Macroeconomy
  • Mid- and long-term directions of economic development
  • Macroeconomic trend and short- and medium-term economic outlook
  • Economic risks and current issues in public finance, banking, and foreign exchange
Sub Council on Livelihood Economy
  • Basic livelihood for the working and middle classes and job creation
  • Fair market order
  • Inclusive welfare
Sub Council on Innovative Economy
  • Innovate growth issues including innovative start-up ecosystems, industry restructuring and competitiveness, and entrepreneurship
  • Challenges and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on science, technology, ICT, and new growth engines
  • Innovation-fostering regulations
Sub Council on International Economy
  • Global financial issues, including exchange rate, interest rate, and capital flow
  • Trade and commerce issues, including trade protectionism and export diversification
  • Strategic economic cooperation
Sub Council on Economic Policy
  • People-centered economic policy
  • Major economic and policy issues that have a significant impact on the national economy
  • Other matters that require a close inter-agency cooperation